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Our goal is to connect best talents and the best companies
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We are a constantly growing team of professionals who are young and passionate enough to understand new age methodologies. Beyond that however, we are also wise enough to understand how we can execute on these methodologies in a practical sense to help a company achive its highest potential

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Our mission is to connect the best talents with the companies in need to remove the barrier of physical distance and promote remote work. We  provide the ability of taking advantage of arbitrage and leveraging working conditions for each party

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I am an analytical thinker with an engineering background. I worked as a sales engineer, after sales engineer, logistic & technical support executive in different sectors, and different companies. As a mechanical engineer, I attended international trainings of Producers and trained the service technicians in Turkey to create a knowledge bridge and exchange from the source to the field. I like anime, Japanese culture, trekking and I am a lover of the Bosphorus.
I am out of box thinker both in life. Having a multidisciplinary education in economics added great value to my perspective. In finance, I had been taking roles in treasury, reporting, controlling and accounting. Deepening my knowledge in multiple disciplines such as human design, NLP and yoga is my second area of profession. I had work experiences in FMCG, Chemicals Production and Technology with various teams.
Always intrigued by the absurd and out-of-ordinary. Soon after graduating METU with a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture, I steered my direction towards the 3D Design world in which I have excelled as an Environment Artist along with managing social media and client relations, in order to keep services intact from start to finish. I was never afraid of maintaining key-positions in both educational and studio projects throughout my career and have learnt not to be satisfied with the mediocre. I whole-heartedly believe it is the quality of what we do everyday that defines ourselves and our way of living, not the scale of it.
I am a PhD candidate in Philosophy. I have been working as a Research Assistant at Boğaziçi University since 2016. I earned my BA and MA degrees in Philosophy from Boğaziçi University and I have been studying for my PhD in the same institution since 2018. Building up my career as a researcher, I am mostly interested in studies in Ethics and Technology.
Results-oriented full-stack .Net developer with 11+ years’ experience developing, testing, and maintaining enterprise software applications in a lot of business domains. I provide end to end software solution development with SOLID and clean code principles. Always enthusiastic to write highly reusable and readable code and always aim to finish what I start. I have one sweet daughter who is three.
I have 25+ years' of global multi-cultural industry experience in management, leadership, and teamwork, as well as in full-stack software development. I have solid experience in the management of IT costs internally/externally and ensure efficient use of IT investments in line with overall business objectives. I’m interested in healing, nutrition, breath works, cooking, yoga, qigong, wellbeing, Ayurveda, gourmet, reading, traveling, swimming
I study philosophy at Boğaziçi University currently and I have always had an interest in social sciences. I like to work on argumentation and correlating the theories to my daily life. I’m the president of Turkish Music Club in our university and working in the field of art and music enriches my perspective. I’m also a scout leader and a camper, which helps me to observe and explore both human relations and nature to relate to the fields that I'm studying.
Holding BBA in International Business from SSRU in Thailand. Currently continuing my academic career as a graduate student at Istanbul University. Started my professional life with increasing momentum by taking initiatives to help increase sales by 32 % during the last three months of my internship in an E-Commerce start-up. Through my interest in Google and Adobe tools, I have gained experience in digital marketing and advertising. I always try to improve myself and learn more every day to show my creativity, produce new ideas, and bring them to life.
I am a psychologist who is interested in child development. After graduated from METU, I am currently pursuing a master's degree at Boğaziçi University. I have participated and organized many events in student organizations and NGOs. Apart from my academic interests, spending my leisure time with children is my passion. I am a social butterfly, a good listener, and skilled team member. I enjoy communicating with people from different countries. I like connecting to the international community from my home.
A quiet observer, good listener, dedicated procrastinator. Received Bachelor’s Degree from METU Political Science and Public Administration, currently planning to continue to academic career by studying Urban Policy Planning at the same university. For now, I am eager to become an urban researcher, like to ask questions about people’s and cities’ spatial experiences. Although I have always been in the field of thinking, research and theories as a social science student, I hope to be a part of concrete productions and field studies one day. I believe the importance of wording and attitude in everything we do. I like to be with friends at large and small tables.
Currently a senior in American Culture and Literature at Hacettepe University, I am dedicated to advancing my story-telling skills. Art is my biggest passion, and the source of my inspiration is human connection. I believe the way to develop empathy is active listening, and therefore I endlessly study different perceptions, beliefs, and habits to grasp what I'm hearing. Being a part of METU's Company Musical improved my multitasking, teamwork, and stress management skills. Also, as a vegan, I see myself as a part of nature and try to do minimal damage to my temporary home.
Currently studying International Relations at METU. My ability to learn fast and lift everyone’s spirit has helped me in previous working experiences. I have always been interested in social sciences and now I want to expand my vision with various different fields. I am a passionate volleyball player for seven years which helps me to excel at team-based relationships and to build complex networks.
I want to specialize in digital marketing in the future. For this, in addition to my online internship in a New York company, I also take a lot of online training. Apart from that, I have received many trainings on technical analysis and stock market in the last year, and I think that these trainings have improved my decision-making mechanisms as an economist and encouraged me to make the right decisions while taking risks. Besides all of this, I draw pictures and I believe it improves my aesthetic point of view. .
I'm a product guy, Passionate about Product Management, Agile Methodologies, Tech, User research, Business Modeling, Market Validation, Idea generation, Information flows, and Design Thinking. Alternatively have interests in Entrepreneurship, E-commerce & FinTech. Generally, I keep my peers motivated around me and I believe that motivating someone to do something is one of the biggest achievements one can get.
A fresh graduate with a passion for learning and improving each day. With a curious mind, I decided to study American Culture and Literature at Hacettepe University to learn everything about their diverse culture. I worked as a content writer and private tutor during my senior year, which improved my multitasking and organizational skills while helping me with time management. I always try to go the extra mile to achieve excellence in everything I do, and I will continue to do so.
I am an integrative thinker with a psychology background. Also, I am passionate about exploring human existence that is related to multidisciplinary perspectives, such as body, mind, art, spirituality, etc. This diversity reflects in my work and academic career. I experienced multiple positions in a trade company while I was studying business. Now, as a clinical psychology student, I have been working in hospitals and psychotherapy centers. I also worked both as a volunteer and coordinator in social responsibility projects. Even though I enjoy exploring many other things, my interest is mainly focused on sports, travels, books, movies and music.
After graduating from METU with a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture, I have continued my studies in the field of Urban Design. Being in such a time-consuming profession has improved my time management and organization skills. Currently, I am trying to find an answer to the socio-morphological problematique within the urban. I am passionate about languages and currently learning my third foreign language. That is what makes me a great communicator, and I would love to see myself within constant intellectual exchange.
I am a young and creative software engineer who has 2 years of working experience in international companies with people from different nations in Thailand. As a full-stack developer, I've built websites and mobile applications for different purposes to solve our client's problems using swift, PHP, js, and other various technologies. Besides technology, I love to explore different cultures and their local food. Thus, I have an interest in learning multiple languages, cultures, and cuisines. My biggest dream is to step on every inch of this world.
Digital enthusiast with empirical and hands-on experiences on globally acknowledged trademarks including Lacoste, Gant, Converse and more. I’m capable in quite a few Digital Marketing tools and a good fit for fast paced environments. From Search to App campaigns, I’ve managed and monitored various types of paid performance assets. Eager to learn and improve since the career path I chose happens to be a rapidly changing and evolving profession. My very own work-related drive derives from the love of getting things done.

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