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Our Current Filled Positions

Here are the positions that started working for a company in the United States through us!

Digital Marketing Manager

A Digital Marketing Director at our company is responsible for setting up, implementing, and managing the overall company's digital marketing strategy. They have a big passion for digital technologies and various digital marketing channels.

PPC Specialist

A PPC Specialist mainly performs account management of
pay per click accounts on search platforms. They also provide great recommendations and execute strategies in accordance with company goals

Social Media Manager

A Social Media Manager is responsible for overseeing a company’s interactions with the public by implementing social media platforms’ content strategies. Their duties include analyzing engagement data, identifying trends in customer interactions and planning digital campaigns to build community online.

Administrative Assistant

An Administrative Assistant assists in coordination
and scheduling of department activities, runs daily and ad hoc reports, and manages client relations in the Private Label department.

Contract Manager

A Contract Manager saves contracts appropriately, responds to requests from internal clients concerning the status and existence of contracts, and works on other contract-related tasks.

BI Developer

A BI Developer communicates regularly with product stakeholders, and resolves critical production issues.

Contact Center Associate/Agent

People who have attention to detail and
the ability to interpret/understand the consumer’s issue. Communication is key for this position.

Contact Center- Operations

Deals with daily operation of the department.
QA and RTA teams help with internal processes in Contact Center such as call quality and scheduling.

Contact Center -Training

Works on creating the best training program for
new and existing agents, and helps the new hires during the onboarding process.

Database Engineer

A Database Engineer writes code, follows SDLC processes and coding standards/best practices, also demonstrates command
of advanced syntax and concepts such as execution plans.

Graphic Artist

They create and update our interactive venue configurations.

Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developers coordinate with other teams to Design Optimal Technical Vision, Solutions, and Roadmap for Frontend and Backend. They Develop Functional Web Application Features as well as entire Web Applications for both Frontend and Backend. They are the voice of the Codebase.

Front-end Developer

A Front-end Developer develops User interfaces with
the latest technologies. They work as integral members of the development team in design, development, and end to end test automation of software application.

Mobile App Developer

They are building, shipping and maintaining company's cross-platform mobile apps for Android & iOS.

Software Application Developer

They are responsible for all project life cycle activities. They design and implement technology solutions. Also they
ensure that the most cost effective and efficient applications are being utilized.

Software Engineer

They write code based, follow SDLC processes and coding standards/best practices. They also participate in the Engineering team by attending daily SCRUM meetings to support their teammates.

UI Engineer

The UI Engineer is responsible for designing and developing
visually appealing, intuitive user interfaces that meet user needs. Collaboration with cross-functional teams, testing, troubleshooting, and optimization are essential to ensure a positive user experience.

WordPress Developer

The WordPress Developer designs, develops, and
maintains websites using WordPress. They create custom themes and plugins, optimize website performance and security, and collaborate with crossfunctional teams to meet client needs. Staying current with industry trends and updates is important.

Financial Reporting Associate

Aggregating marketing and sales data, working on profitability reports, and helping with budget preparation are some of the assistance we’re provided by our Financial

Reporting Analyst

Reporting Analysts create and automate new reporting
to monitor performance and monitor productivity trends.

Post-Closing Specialist

This role primarily involves assisting with Post
Closing Funding Docs and updating the Funding Documents.
Project and Product Management

Product Manager

They define or contribute to product roadmaps, support
development efforts, and sustain deep understanding of how our applications are used; and consumed by customers. They communicate regularly with product stakeholders

Technical Project Manager

The position requires managing software development projects throughout the entire lifecycle, from research to implementation and post-release monitoring. Responsibilities include leading meetings, preparing reports, identifying and resolving issues, analyzing metrics, and maintaining project documentation.

Software Quality Engineer

The role involves identifying test requirements,
mapping test cases to those requirements, and designing and creating test plans. Additionally, it entails debugging and troubleshooting applications, as well as investigating and determining the root cause of issues.

Sales Development Specialist

The SDS primarily searches for qualified
sellers to form new connections with our company.

Infrastructure Engineer

They are responsible for all platform infrastructure in
public cloud, and in company's data center during our transitioning processes.

Automation Engineer

Automation Engineers configure and tune automation
tools and infrastructure to follow best practices.

DevOps Engineer

They play a key role in providing guidance and leadership to our BI team and work directly with company leadership to set standards and achieve the vision we have to remain an industry leader in both lending and technology.

Content Writer

A Content Writer plans and produces content as needed for
company and other online platforms, and works on market trends to develop story ideas.