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Our Current Filled Positions

Here are the positions that started working
for a company in the United States through us!

Customer Support

People that have attention to detail and ability to interpret/understand the consumer’s issue. The ability to communicate is the key for this position.

Digital Marketer

Great communication skills are crucial. This position works on affiliate outreach projects.

Financial Analyst

Interfacing with various programs creating daily reports to point out improvement areas who is an excel specialist.

Front-end Developer

Part of a team working on fast paced, short term projects related to ecommerce platforms. Proficiency in front-end development like React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js, JQuery etc. Proficiency in API integrations and RESTful web services

Investigative Reporter

Finds the in-depth stories our readers want to know. Our investigative reporter understands their subject matter from the inside out. Our investigative reporter delivers new insights and draws relevant conclusions that will help our readers better understand the topic.

Sales Assistant

Communicating with customers to get their feedback on the process. Investigating the improvement areas.

SEO Specialist

This position finds the best techniques to improve the visibility of listings in online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay etc.

Social Media Marketing

Combines marketing and social media management skills to architect and enhance company social media presences, including interacting with customers, promoting brand-focused interactive and engaging content, and expanding opportunities for revenue.

WordPress Developer

Responsible as the webmaster of wordpress websites as well as the project manager of the WordPress theme creation project.

Software Engineer

One who is passionate about what they do and is eager to develop high quality software to benefit the thousands of TicketNetwork customers who rely on our products.

Open Positions

Currently we are actively looking for you!

Pay Per Click Analyst

We are looking for PPC Analyst who will be responsible for administering and managing Pay Per Click media strategies for our company. Main goal of this position is to perform daily account management of pay per click accounts on Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing and other search platforms.

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Product Manager

We are looking for an experienced product manager who will be responsible for developing product visions based on market dynamics, data analytics and industry insight. The perfect candidate will have the technical understanding deep enough to define product requirements for the APIs and other back-end systems.

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QA Engineer

We are looking to hire a QA Engineer, preferably with Accessibility testing experience. We are looking for someone with 3+ years’ experience in QA, who can take over and complete testing for our maps accessibility project. The candidate should have experience working with Windows platform. Experience with .NET C# applications would be helpful.

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